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Copicut Farms

Dartmouth, MA
Produce: Poultry, Pork, & Lamb
Local delivery

All of our animals are raised outdoors, and have constant access to our chemical-free pastures where they are free to forage for grass, legumes, and insects throughout all but the harshest winter months. Pasture-raised poultry, pork, and eggs, and grass-fed lamb are a healthier choice, containing less cholesterol, less saturated fat, more omega-3, and higher levels of essential vitamins and nutrients than their non-pastured counterparts.

Forest Road Apiary

Brimfield, MA
Produce: Honey
N/A delivery

Forest Road Apiary provides wildflower honey that is foraged by hard working bees in the rugged hills of Brimfield. Bees roam far and wide gathering what the land offers while pollinating along the way. Therein lies the joy and mystery of wildflower honey. There is no telling where the bees may wander. Forage changes year to year, and no two harvests are quite the same. This provides unique and varied flavors that change with the seasons.

McGuire's Mushrooms

Hingham, MA
Produce: Mushrooms
National delivery

McGuire’s Mushrooms is a family operated, local farm run out of Hingham, MA. We are a full-service gourmet and medicinal mushroom farm serving local chefs, individuals and farmers markets. We also offer cultivation supplies such as grain spawn, liquid cultures and mushroom grow kits. Our beliefs lie in the incredible benefits that mushrooms have to offer our bodies and our environment. Fueled with passion for mycology, McGuire’s Mushrooms is dedicated to providing our local community with the highest quality mushrooms. We love connecting with our neighbors through this lifestyle and are motivated by the equal excitement that mushrooms are the future!

Polyface Farms

Swoope, VA
Produce: Beef, Pork, & Poultry
National delivery

Today the farm arguably represents America’s premier non-industrial food production oasis. Believing that the Creator’s design is still the best pattern for the biological world, the Salatin family invites like-minded folks to join in the farm’s mission: to develop emotionally, economically, environmentally enhancing agricultural enterprises and facilitate their duplication throughout the world. The Salatins continue to refine their models to push environmentally-friendly farming practices toward new levels of expertise.

River Rock Farm

Brimfield, MA
Produce: Beef
Local delivery

At River Rock Farm we raise beef cattle on pasture and sell hormone and antibiotic free, premium dry aged beef. We offer wholesale, retail, and on farm sales by appointment as well as beef CSA's and home delivery in Boston and Central MA.

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